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Serenity. Simplicity. Efficiency.
Follow the evolution of your site, its traffic, visibility, and the Internet users' behaviour, all this is now possible thanks to a simple and global solution: One Door.
Track your sites, animations and Flash widgets.
Follow the weight evolution of your site on the search engines and the number
of links pointing above.
Follow in real-time, the impact of all your promotions on your site's traffic.
Geolocate your Internet users and track their path through your website.
Create and plan your reports on all enriched formats (Word, Excel, PDF) and
export the specific data to your analysis.
Monitor your competitors and be alerted when they update their sites.
For the first time, follow in real-time, the trends and statistics of your site,
intuitively and without calculation delays.
Add Net Events to highlight the impact of your communication activities on
the traffic of your site.
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The One Door's team provides us a high standard service according to our requirements in terms of design and management. Their reactivity and reliability let them undertake our projects...
Brand manager - Fusalp
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